Chieftains - Very Best of the Claddagh Years

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1. Air: The March of the King of Laois
2. Reels: The Musical Priest - The Queen of the May
3. Air & Reels: The Fair Child - Mrs.Crotty’s Reel - The Mountain Top
4. Three Kerry Polkas
5. Tabhair dom do Lamh
6. Jig, Air & Reesl: Strike the Gay Harp - Tiarna Maigheo - The Lady On the Island - The Sailor On the Rock
7. The Morning Dew
8. The Foxhunt
9. Air: Bean an Fhir Rua
10. Slides: John Kelly’s - Merrily Kiss the Quaker - Denis Murphy’s
11. Air: Mna na hEireann
12. Jig: The Walls of Liscarroll
13. Jigs: Sonny’s Mazurka - Tommy Hunt’s Jigs
14. Air: Samhradh, Samhradh
15. Seoirse Brabston

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