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1 Staicin Eornan (song)
2 Glen Cottage, John Brosnon's, Peata an Mhaoir (polkas)
3 Gailin na nUrla Donn (songs)
4 Snug in the Blanket, Patsy Geary's (jigs)
5 Boys of Barr na Sraide (song)
6 Murphy's Hornpipe, Lord Gordon's (hornpip, reel)
7 Malai na gCuach Ni Chuileannain (song)
8 Fiona's Arrival, O'Connell's Trip to Parliament (jig, reel)
9 Clancy's Farewell to Whiskey, An Dro des Petits Bateux (air, an dro)
10 Never Tire of the Road, The Green Fields of America (song, reel)
11 Apples in Winter, The Frost is All Over (jigs)

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